@Gina Ok. Of couse I respect your privacy, I guess that's why most of us are here :). If you would, you could have a look at iscl.de (I know the owner personally).

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@tastytea Seems to be a research project, see eunomia.social/EUNOMIA-D1%202-

The project member list does not look very shady on first sight.

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@revkellyn What could be the bottleneck is the upload speed.

@revkellyn depends on the software running on it. A i7 4770 serves a nextcloud + chat + website with appr. 100 users. Load is acceptable.

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I'm currently using selfoss. I don't like the design of TTRSS and FreshRSS. It works well, has integration of youtube, devianArt, wallabag and some others. A wunderful material design app with offline-mode and dark mode. But I'm also looking out for an alternative (Missing multi-account, missing filters to hide articles based on specific attributes, fetching of images without 3rd party-request, no cleanup of old articles). Did you find an open-source android app for Feedbin?

@switchingsocial What about rocket.chat/ ?

Which was designed as a slack alternative.

It currently does not federate, but it's on their roadmap. Still a valid option for team-only communication.

@art still my daily driver and updated by lineageos


Private server, you should have a personal connection to admin if you sign up.